Pancakes Pancakes!

Every Friday, R brings back a school bag with his school work and a book that the school loans out for the weekend. I was quite impressed by the idea of allowing the child to read a book with the parent because I believe not many schools do such a thing. As a mum whose always on a lookout for good reads, I get very excited when I look in his bag every Friday. So on this particular day, I peeped into the bag and was surprised to find Eric Carle’s Pancakes Pancakes book. 

If you know Eric Carle, he’s famous for his collage like pictures in his books. We’ve got the popular The Very Hungry Caterpillar book that R and I have read countless times. Pancakes, Pancakes is no different with a simple story line of a boy who wanted to eat pancakes but his mum didn’t have the ingredients and set him out to get them. 

So after reading the book before R’s nap, we made pancakes together using the recipe at the back of the book. It’s truly a simple recipe with 5 pantry items. For a toddler of about 26 months, he was able to whisk, mix and stir the ingredients together. I spoke a lot about the ingredients we were adding, the actions that we were doing and the various types of cutlery and utensils we were using. I also believe that lots of talk is necessary to keep the learning going and for the toddler to pick up vocabulary in an active manner. 

Essentially the recipe in the back cover of the book is really simple. Apparently, it’s Eric Carle’s mother’s recipe and that’s what we followed. (The book has since been returned and I forgot to note the ingredients however based on memory and until I can confirm it, they were:

  1. One cup of plain flour
  2. One cup of milk
  3. One egg)

Mix it all up, put a dollop of butter in the frying pan and pour a ladleful of batter when pan is heated. 

This makes another good activity on a rainy morning or afternoon where pancakes are good for breakfast or tea. And why not get your little assistant to help you along. 


Three Ingredients Nutella Brownies

Lately I’ve been trying to include my toddler in my cooking and baking adventures. I try and do this about once a week and since he doesn’t go to full school yet, he’s rather free in the early evenings after his nap. 

So I’m regularly on the hunt for simple and easy recipes that the little one can manage without much assistance. I help with measuring the ingredients, occasionally pouring the ingredients into the big bowl and putting the batter or mixture into the oven. And like all mothers, I give lots of instructions and reminders during the process. 

Anyway, this recipe is not mine so credit goes to Kirbie Cravings and here’s the link

 Essentially, this is all it requires. 

  1. Half a cup of plain flour
  2. One and a quarter cup of Nutella (which works out to the 350g jar)
  3. 2 eggs

Preheat the oven at 180°C, mix all the ingredients together and bake for 15 minutes. The toothpick should come out dry when it’s cooked. These brownies don’t come out really thick plus I cut them into bite sized pieces so they were really easy for little hands to handle. 

The best part is that it took less than half an hour from start to end. Of course with a toddler, it may take a little longer but it’s long enough to sustain his interest. 

They were so delicious I must admit I popped way too many pieces in my mouth. Will I be making these again, you bet!

Cornflakes Cookies

Another one of those rather addictive cookies that I tried were cookies with cornflakes. I had lots of excess cornflakes plus my father in-law had given me another box (which I’ve yet to finish) so I had to look for an easy and fast recipe. This did not require the mixer as long as the butter was sufficiently melted and soft. 


100g unsalted butter, melted for easy mixing 100g caster sugar                                            175g self-raising flour                                            1 cup crushed cornflakes                                      1 egg


  1. Pre-heat the oven at 160°
  2. Cream the butter and sugar
  3. Add the egg to the batter and mix well
  4. Add in the flour and mix well
  5. Using a teaspoon, scoop out a small part of the mixture (I measured each scoop. I initially tried 16g but the cookies spread out to be rather large. For a bite size cookie, try 6g.)
  6. Coat with cornflakes
  7. Place each scoop on the baking tray lined with baking paper otherwise grease the tray
  8. Flatten them lightly with a fork
  9. Bake for 15-20 minutes depending on how brown you’d want it
  10. Cool on the rack and serve or store in an airtight container. 

This was rather fast but it is troublesome if you’d want each cookie to be of similar weight to even out the baking. 

Recipe ref:


With a baby sleeping on me at the moment, after many tries of putting her down and failing I decided that I should pen down some of the things my eldest has been saying. He just turned two recently and it was only in the last couple of weeks when he started talking a lot more with his expanding vocabulary. At this point, his pronunciation isn’t very clear but as I try to listen harder, I’m able to make out what he’s saying. 

This is also the age where whatever he says is the cutest. I think it’s got to be the innocence of a toddler trying to articulate himself. And yes, kids do say the darnest things some times.

Recently his grand aunt bought a ride on car and I refused to unbox it until his papa came home. The minute he came home, this happened. At this point, R hasn’t really spoken in sentences, so it surprised me. 

R: Papa, car!

Papa: Ok! (can’t remember what else happened though hubby was talking to me)

R: Papa, car! (emphasizing his point)

Papa: Ok! Papa will open it soon. Papa needs to put down his bag and have dinner. 

R: Papa, papa, car, open! (getting very impatient)

Papa: Yes, papa heard you. Can you wait?

R: Papa, open car please! (It sounded more like papa, pen car piss)

My reaction to this was wow! Put him in a situation where he wants something quite badly and he’ll be able to say what he wants quite clearly. I was impressed.

The other night, his papa was trying to get him to sleep. It was past his bedtime but he had so much to say as if he was regaling tales about what happened in the day to his papa. At this point, the connecting bathroom light to the room was still switched on. 

Papa: R, it’s time to sleep. Sleep now.

R: Off. Light. Dark. 

The husband and I heard this and chuckled to ourselves. Our little boss has spoken and so the papa went to switch it off. 

Ok, baby needs to be rocked. Be right back with more soon. 

Library Finds #8: The Finger Circus Game by Herve Tullet

The beauty about having a public library near where we live is the endless selection of books. I usually go there with no idea on what to borrow, meaning I’ve no author or title that I’m searching for. I go through the shelves and randomly pull out books based on how the spine looks like. 

This was a rather fun book although I had to read the back of the book to find out what I needed to do with that hole in the book. Turns out I had to use a marker to draw a smiley face on my finger and put it through the pages. 

It was like playing peekaboo with R when I read it to him. It’s not a wordy book at all but one with very cute pictures and where the finger with the smiley face would fit just fine. I’m glad I borrowed this cause we had some fun in the afternoons when I needed to occupy him. 

This was like a jack in the box kind of page. There are many more cute pages just like this. 

Library Finds #7: The Little Zebra Who Lost His Stripes by Jedda Robaard

This is a simple story of a zebra who lost his stripes and went looking for it in all sorts of places. It’s also a lift up the flap kind of book as the reader searches where the stripes could be. The stripes were eventually found when…. the zebra took a bath! Ha!

I accompanied the book with a simple craft. Basically R had to paste the stripes of the zebra onto the picture I drew and that was that. Easy enough for a toddler to handle and minimal mess. 

Library Finds #6: In My Heart by Jo Witek

I found this book in the library by chance and actually got attracted by the cover. Then as I flipped through it, I liked the book even more. It’s a book about feelings and it speaks about the various types of feelings we have in our hearts. It describes moments when we may be happy or sad or afraid.

Somehow this tied in very well with the Valentine’s Day craft that I had earlier blogged about. After we were done stamping, I recalled this book sitting on the shelf and thought it was a appropriate to read and talk about the various feelings we go through.

It’s never too young to start talking about feelings to a toddler because I know for sure mine goes through all sorts of feelings on a daily basis. One minute he could be playing happily and the next minute he is throwing a tanty because someone moved his toy.