Library Finds #8: The Finger Circus Game by Herve Tullet

The beauty about having a public library near where we live is the endless selection of books. I usually go there with no idea on what to borrow, meaning I’ve no author or title that I’m searching for. I go through the shelves and randomly pull out books based on how the spine looks like. 

This was a rather fun book although I had to read the back of the book to find out what I needed to do with that hole in the book. Turns out I had to use a marker to draw a smiley face on my finger and put it through the pages. 

It was like playing peekaboo with R when I read it to him. It’s not a wordy book at all but one with very cute pictures and where the finger with the smiley face would fit just fine. I’m glad I borrowed this cause we had some fun in the afternoons when I needed to occupy him. 

This was like a jack in the box kind of page. There are many more cute pages just like this.