With a baby sleeping on me at the moment, after many tries of putting her down and failing I decided that I should pen down some of the things my eldest has been saying. He just turned two recently and it was only in the last couple of weeks when he started talking a lot more with his expanding vocabulary. At this point, his pronunciation isn’t very clear but as I try to listen harder, I’m able to make out what he’s saying. 

This is also the age where whatever he says is the cutest. I think it’s got to be the innocence of a toddler trying to articulate himself. And yes, kids do say the darnest things some times.

Recently his grand aunt bought a ride on car and I refused to unbox it until his papa came home. The minute he came home, this happened. At this point, R hasn’t really spoken in sentences, so it surprised me. 

R: Papa, car!

Papa: Ok! (can’t remember what else happened though hubby was talking to me)

R: Papa, car! (emphasizing his point)

Papa: Ok! Papa will open it soon. Papa needs to put down his bag and have dinner. 

R: Papa, papa, car, open! (getting very impatient)

Papa: Yes, papa heard you. Can you wait?

R: Papa, open car please! (It sounded more like papa, pen car piss)

My reaction to this was wow! Put him in a situation where he wants something quite badly and he’ll be able to say what he wants quite clearly. I was impressed.

The other night, his papa was trying to get him to sleep. It was past his bedtime but he had so much to say as if he was regaling tales about what happened in the day to his papa. At this point, the connecting bathroom light to the room was still switched on. 

Papa: R, it’s time to sleep. Sleep now.

R: Off. Light. Dark. 

The husband and I heard this and chuckled to ourselves. Our little boss has spoken and so the papa went to switch it off. 

Ok, baby needs to be rocked. Be right back with more soon.