Library Finds #8: The Finger Circus Game by Herve Tullet

The beauty about having a public library near where we live is the endless selection of books. I usually go there with no idea on what to borrow, meaning I’ve no author or title that I’m searching for. I go through the shelves and randomly pull out books based on how the spine looks like. 

This was a rather fun book although I had to read the back of the book to find out what I needed to do with that hole in the book. Turns out I had to use a marker to draw a smiley face on my finger and put it through the pages. 

It was like playing peekaboo with R when I read it to him. It’s not a wordy book at all but one with very cute pictures and where the finger with the smiley face would fit just fine. I’m glad I borrowed this cause we had some fun in the afternoons when I needed to occupy him. 

This was like a jack in the box kind of page. There are many more cute pages just like this. 


Library Finds #7: The Little Zebra Who Lost His Stripes by Jedda Robaard

This is a simple story of a zebra who lost his stripes and went looking for it in all sorts of places. It’s also a lift up the flap kind of book as the reader searches where the stripes could be. The stripes were eventually found when…. the zebra took a bath! Ha!

I accompanied the book with a simple craft. Basically R had to paste the stripes of the zebra onto the picture I drew and that was that. Easy enough for a toddler to handle and minimal mess. 

Library Finds #6: In My Heart by Jo Witek

I found this book in the library by chance and actually got attracted by the cover. Then as I flipped through it, I liked the book even more. It’s a book about feelings and it speaks about the various types of feelings we have in our hearts. It describes moments when we may be happy or sad or afraid.

Somehow this tied in very well with the Valentine’s Day craft that I had earlier blogged about. After we were done stamping, I recalled this book sitting on the shelf and thought it was a appropriate to read and talk about the various feelings we go through.

It’s never too young to start talking about feelings to a toddler because I know for sure mine goes through all sorts of feelings on a daily basis. One minute he could be playing happily and the next minute he is throwing a tanty because someone moved his toy.

Library Finds #5: Take a Look, Vroom by Liesbet Slegers

The minute I showed R this book in the library, he kept repeating the word car and couldn’t let go of the book. That’s a good sign for me to borrow it and I did. It was even more fun when he realized he could slide pages of the book to expand the images. We’ve come across touch and feel books, flip flap books but not one that slides so this got him interested for awhile.

It’s a very simple book appropriate for toddlers with simple illustrations. And like most children’s books, this was no different with the repetition of words and phrases such as “hello” and “take a look”.

Just to give you an idea of how the slide images look like, here’s a picture.


I’m certainly going to look out for more of these kind of books.

Library Finds #4: The Apple and the Butterfly by Ieia and Enzo Mari

Majority of the books we know are ones with texts. There’s normally a story line however, with this book there are only graphics. Very simple pictures with few distinct colours drawn against the white pages of the book. Wordless books like this one was one I stumbled upon and I thought it was very interesting for kids who are learning to talk to school going kids. It enables them to create their own story of the book based on the pictures. As a teacher, I’ll say sharing this book prior to a writing activity would spark the child’s imagination. Or, simply to create constructive classroom talk or discussion as an oral activity. For a Science activity, this would be a good prelude to teaching life cycles. I also believe when children have more experiences in a variety of ways, for example, through hands on activity followed by a book or a craft, it enables them to remember better.

For R at his age, he could identify the apple, tree and butterfly while I crafted a very simple story with it. The older the kids, I believe the more they’d be able to say about the pictures based on their own imagination. Very simply a caterpillar crawls out of an apple, and as it grows, it changes into a cocoon and eventually emerges as a butterfly. It then feeds on a flower and as the season changes, the butterfly lays an egg and eventually the cycle continues.

Here are two pages of the book


I enjoyed this book and hope to find more wordless books.

Library Finds #3: Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees

Oops, I’m way behind in my posts for various reasons. I recently got rather hooked onto something (which I’ll blog later on) and neglected this space. That’s not to say that I’ve not gotten books to write about though. So yes, I’m playing catch up now.

This heart-warming story of a giraffe who realized that even though it was tall and thin, couldn’t run as his knees would buckle let alone dance. Whenever a Jungle Dance is held every year, other animals would have a grand time but Gerald never enjoyed it cos he was really bad at it.

When it was his turn to dance, the other animals would laugh and mock at him leaving him very depressed and lonely. Then, as he sat by himself and looked up, he was amazed at the beauty of the moon. Meanwhile, watching Gerald all this while was a cricket who had words of comfort for Gerald and encouraged him to try again, in Gerald’s own way. With that Gerald grooved and moved in his own beautiful way till he was amazed at himself that he was dancing. This shocked the other animals which were taken aback when Gerald danced again.

This, to me is a little beautiful yet simple story. Little children like R may not understand the meaning behind the story but I believe school going children would. And it’s simple since all of us go through moments when we are not as good as others in whatever we do and at times we get laughed at. But, to stand up and try again is what is more important just like Gerald.

A beautiful story that I might just borrow the book again when my kids are bigger.

Library Finds #2: All Creatures Great and Small by Naoko Stoop

A Christian book for kids that introduces the idea that God made all creatures, big or small, wise and wonderful. He made every flower, every animal large or tiny, mountains and rivers and every living thing on earth.

It’s a good introduction for little kids to the idea of God and that he created everything on earth. We’ve read the story of creation to R before and this book reinforces the idea. The illustrations are very cute too, with various animals that he can identify. Of late he has learnt to say moon so he’s been pointing that out to me in the book. And so when I ask him who made the moon I’m hoping that he’d say God!

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.