A pool birthday party

I’ve gone quite quiet lately and so there’s a little backlog which I’ll get through.

We were recently invited to a birthday party for kids. The beauty is that the host lived in a condominium which meant there was a pool. We haven’t brought R swimming for a long time but he’s had plenty of water play. I loved kids birthday parties too because these little ones get to interact and have fun together. For this particular party R had a blast in the pool that he refused to come out of the water. The husband was first to surrender but the little one had so much energy and kept wanting to go on and on.

The other great thing about this party was that there was a professional photographer snapping pictures of the little kids and their families. I must say he did a great job as the pictures captured the joy and innocence of the kids. I took photographs of R and his dad playing in the water but it was nothing compared to the pictures of a professional.

All in all, it was a good time spent for the little ones as they had fun and we, mummies had fun catching up. Win, win.



A favourite among kids.

So one evening a little kid with his father were blowing bubbles which attracted R. The duo then left the playground but R wanted to continue. I went up to get the bottle of soap solution from my home so that we could continue the bubble fun.

My husband started blowing and R was happily catching them when suddenly a group of bigger and taller kids descended upon him. Stunned and shocked R looked around and wondered where these kids came from. As I was standing from afar, I observed and laughed. It seemed like he realized that the world doesn’t revolve around him but hey, there were others who were older, taller and bigger than him.

Eventually we walked back home and continued the bubble fun for awhile more at the corridor and he was fine again.