Library Finds #7: The Little Zebra Who Lost His Stripes by Jedda Robaard

This is a simple story of a zebra who lost his stripes and went looking for it in all sorts of places. It’s also a lift up the flap kind of book as the reader searches where the stripes could be. The stripes were eventually found when…. the zebra took a bath! Ha!

I accompanied the book with a simple craft. Basically R had to paste the stripes of the zebra onto the picture I drew and that was that. Easy enough for a toddler to handle and minimal mess. 


Sea Creatures Crafts #4: Starfish

One fine morning when R was throwing multiple tantrums (oh terrible twos!), I quickly did an outline of a starfish on paper and I intended for him to do whatever he wanted with it. He could colour or paste stickers or cut out paper, it was free for him to choose.

At that moment I had some star stickers and I passed them to him. He sticked one or two before his attention got diverted to something else. So then on another day when he was bored, I took the incomplete starfish and threw some paper and glue hoping he’d paste them.

I realized I needed to keep working on his fine motor skills and his lack of attention and focus. I guess doing such crafts needs some patience especially since he wasn’t used to the idea. Nevertheless, I’ve put all of the crafts on the wall and I’m glad that he’s been able to identify these animals pretty well.

That’s also about it for our sea creatures theme. Now onto the next series of crafts.


Sea Creature Craft 3: Jellyfish

Our third sea creature craft was the jellyfish! Again, like the fish, I outlined the top of the jellyfish on paper and cut out some wriggly tentacles on coloured paper. I was hoping he’d paste them and colour it. Unfortunately though he was very impatient and didn’t get the concept of applying glue then sticking. So i did most of it, showing him how it’s done and talking the process through with him. I will try this again in time to come.


Sea Creatures Craft #2: Crab

This was truly quick and easy. The idea came from pictures I saw on the net so I shan’t take any credit for me. I really liked how it looked at the end of it.

Fold a coloured paper into half, trace your hand then cut it along the line and finally, open it. Draw some eyes and you’ve got a crab!


Sea Creatures Craft #1: Fish

During the early days of my maternity leave, I planned some crafts to do with R when the little baby was asleep. I needed to devote some attention to him to keep him occupied even if it was for a couple of minutes.

Being a non-craft person, I looked up on Google and Pinterest for some thematic ideas. So I began with sea creatures and the first craft was a fish.

I simply drew an outline of the fish on white paper and cut out some circles on coloured paper. The preparation took less than 5 minutes. All R needed to do was paste the circles which would then look like scales of the fish.

He started out being excited with pasting the first few circles and then got bored. So mama here had to continue with the rest. I must say the end product looked quite cute. I’d probably try this again when he’s more comfortable using glue and pasting it on his own.


Christmas crafts #3


This simple craft is pretty easy but with paint involved, it can get messy. This activity was done mainly by R. I only drew out the Christmas tree and he did the rest with his finger.

These can be cut out and hung on your own tree or as gift tags or as Christmas cards.

I managed to contain the mess because I was holding his finger and dotting the paper. After awhile he knew what was expected and did some on his own. He seemed really pleased with his work at the end of it.

Christmas crafts #2

This craft was something that was done by me more than R. He was only excited at the start when I took out the ice cream sticks.

This is fairly easy to do even for toddlers about 3 or 4 years old. I’m not sure though. If you have a toddler about this age, can handle glue and paste it together then it shouldn’t be difficult. The only part that needs help is the cutting of pieces. In all I used 3 red ones. Cut them into two at varying lengths, place them on a vertical red stick and paste them down. I used normal glue but I reckon white glue would be stronger or perhaps craft glue might work too.

At the end of it, I could have asked R to decorate it but I didn’t really have any embellishments. I suppose stickers would work too.

With the same idea, you could use the sticks to make snowflakes too. I should try that too.