Valentine’s Day Craft: Heart and Star Stamping

January was a time for us to settle into a new routine and generally start afresh. The month flew by and now we’re into February. And just like that, a few new festivities are soon approaching.

Here’s an easy Valentine’s Day craft that R did together with me. The variation can be tweaked to whatever product, be it a card or a poster or a little art piece to be hung on the wall.

I carved out a heart shape on a carrot and since I had some ladyfingers in the fridge, I thought why not two shapes. Why limit ourselves to just the heart. With some paint and paper, he went stamping away until he decided mixing colours was more fun. Whichever way, it’s still something that was fun and from the heart.

Here’s him mixing colours and learning to stamp.

The end products on paper and paper plates. I intend to paste a little ribbon on the back of the paper plates so that they can be hung. I had accidentally poured out too much paint too so that’s how we ended up with so a few variations.

Try it and have fun! 🙂


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