A pool birthday party

I’ve gone quite quiet lately and so there’s a little backlog which I’ll get through.

We were recently invited to a birthday party for kids. The beauty is that the host lived in a condominium which meant there was a pool. We haven’t brought R swimming for a long time but he’s had plenty of water play. I loved kids birthday parties too because these little ones get to interact and have fun together. For this particular party R had a blast in the pool that he refused to come out of the water. The husband was first to surrender but the little one had so much energy and kept wanting to go on and on.

The other great thing about this party was that there was a professional photographer snapping pictures of the little kids and their families. I must say he did a great job as the pictures captured the joy and innocence of the kids. I took photographs of R and his dad playing in the water but it was nothing compared to the pictures of a professional.

All in all, it was a good time spent for the little ones as they had fun and we, mummies had fun catching up. Win, win.



A favourite among kids.

So one evening a little kid with his father were blowing bubbles which attracted R. The duo then left the playground but R wanted to continue. I went up to get the bottle of soap solution from my home so that we could continue the bubble fun.

My husband started blowing and R was happily catching them when suddenly a group of bigger and taller kids descended upon him. Stunned and shocked R looked around and wondered where these kids came from. As I was standing from afar, I observed and laughed. It seemed like he realized that the world doesn’t revolve around him but hey, there were others who were older, taller and bigger than him.

Eventually we walked back home and continued the bubble fun for awhile more at the corridor and he was fine again.

NYE 2014 with the birds

Now that we’ve gotten our membership to the bird park, we trooped down after lunch on NYE. Together with my in-laws we had lunch at the Ah Yat restaurant opposite the park and thereafter visiting the birds.

It seemed like our main purpose for this trip considering it was already in the afternoon were to catch the shows. Subsequently, we walked around to see some birds. Some of these birds seemed like they were pros at posing especially with its wings outstretched. I was hesitant to go too far as we had to climb uphill which I wasn’t so keen. Perhaps the next time we’ll head to the loft to feed the birds.

We checked out the playground too. The wet playground was closed that day and would be for the entire month of January in 2015. So R played on the swing for awhile before we called it a day.

I must say that the adventure really began when my father in-law realized his car keys were missing. But that would be a story for another day.

Ooh Puddles Are Fun

When it comes to play, as long as it’s within safe limits and in a non-threatening environment, I’m easy. After all, kids are kids only once. I love to see the joy whenever R plays. This time he found some water puddles at the basketball court near where we live and he had a fun time stomping on them. Each time he stepped on them with a loud splash, he would laugh. He was so tickled that he kept stepping on them. The harder he stepped, the louder were his laughters. Simple joys.

A date with my little guy

This date happened about two weeks back when my mum offered to babysit either kid. So I left baby with her and brought R out. It has been a long time since I went out with him alone and truly can’t remember the last time. It’s definitely a different challenge of bringing an active toddler out as opposed to a baby stuck to my hips. But with the right activities planned, I was quite certain he would enjoy himself and relish in the one on one attention.

I had intended to bring him to Polliwogs at Vivocity but after lunch I pushed the stroller towards Fox and he caught sight of the playground. So I thought alright, this could be a good alternative to Polliwogs. So we headed to the dry playground and when he saw the wet area of little fountains, he was stuck there for a good long while. So water play it was for at least half an hour. As long as he was happy, I was happy too.


Hoping he would be exhausted from the play, I put him back in the stroller so that he could nap. What caught his attention thereafter were the Hyundai cars that were on display at the main foyer. I literally smacked my forehead with my palm because he was saying “Car, car, car”. Out of the stroller he went and got closer to the cars till he was contented.


Thankfully he did nap and I managed to do some shopping. And just like that, another day went by. It seemed like we didn’t do many activities but the time spent together was wonderful. I hope we’d have more dates in future.

Exploring Singapore’s farms: Bollywood Veggies

A bit further from the frog and goat farms is Bollywood Veggies. When my in-laws and I decided to go to the farms, this wasn’t on the agenda. It was just getting fun and my father in-law wanted to visit more places. On the map that I had earlier picked up from the frog farm, I suggested dropping by Bollywood Veggies as I knew we could have some lunch.


For a small entrance fee for adults while kids and helpers get in free, you can roam around e large area and view all sorts of plants, herbs and trees. There are two trails that you can embark on. A ten minute trail or a thirty minute one. I thought my in-laws wouldn’t want to be in the heat so I suggested the 10 minute trail but as we walked on, we ended up on the other trail. I was quite sure we didn’t take thirty minutes to cover the area because before we knew it we were back at the entrance next to the Poison Ivy restaurant.

We were quite pleased with the food selection. It was mainly Asian fare that was affordable. It was great they had something for kids and adults. Since it was our first time, we asked for food recommendations. We had the Nasi lemak, otak covered in omelette and cempedak (jackfruit) curry. The last option came highly recommended as the jackfruit came directly from the farm.

It’s a great place for kids to connect with nature and learn about the various types of plants, leaves, etc. However, be prepared depending on the time you visit that some fruits are not in season.

I liked that there were quirky signages within the area. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of them. At the end of it, I purchased a little lime plant that’s sitting at my corridor now.

Bollywood Veggies
100 Neo Tiew Road,
Singapore 719026 (Kranji)

Exploring Singapore’s Farms: JFF Pte Ltd

About five minutes drive away from Hay Dairies is JFF Pte Ltd, or previously known as the Jurong Frog Farm. I visited this farm about 4 years back when it was arranged as a Science learning journey for the Primary 3 pupils in my previous school. And I can see why schools arrange for such visits because it’s educational and fun!

This time round, we didn’t engage a tour guide so we walked around the premises freely on our own. It’s a fairly large area with many ponds, some of which housing only tadpoles, others specifically for mating and they even have one where kids can try their hand at catching frogs and tadpoles. Frog feed is also available for sale if you’d like to feed them.


I highly recommend engaging a guide. You’d get a chance to be up close and personal with the frogs that the guide would carry out from the tanks, give a short explanation about the differences in the genders and bring you around the premises.

After the tour, you could head to the little shop for some souvenirs or purchase some fresh produce i.e. frog meat, crocodile meat and the likes. Based on my understanding, they’ve also developed their own bottled Hashima dessert which you can taste in the shop and purchase them as well.


I enjoyed revisiting the farm and I’m sure if the opportunity arises again, we’d be back.

JFF Pte Ltd
51 (Plot 56) Lim Chu Kang Lane 6 Singapore 718864