Library Finds #4: The Apple and the Butterfly by Ieia and Enzo Mari

Majority of the books we know are ones with texts. There’s normally a story line however, with this book there are only graphics. Very simple pictures with few distinct colours drawn against the white pages of the book. Wordless books like this one was one I stumbled upon and I thought it was very interesting for kids who are learning to talk to school going kids. It enables them to create their own story of the book based on the pictures. As a teacher, I’ll say sharing this book prior to a writing activity would spark the child’s imagination. Or, simply to create constructive classroom talk or discussion as an oral activity. For a Science activity, this would be a good prelude to teaching life cycles. I also believe when children have more experiences in a variety of ways, for example, through hands on activity followed by a book or a craft, it enables them to remember better.

For R at his age, he could identify the apple, tree and butterfly while I crafted a very simple story with it. The older the kids, I believe the more they’d be able to say about the pictures based on their own imagination. Very simply a caterpillar crawls out of an apple, and as it grows, it changes into a cocoon and eventually emerges as a butterfly. It then feeds on a flower and as the season changes, the butterfly lays an egg and eventually the cycle continues.

Here are two pages of the book


I enjoyed this book and hope to find more wordless books.


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