Library Finds #3: Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees

Oops, I’m way behind in my posts for various reasons. I recently got rather hooked onto something (which I’ll blog later on) and neglected this space. That’s not to say that I’ve not gotten books to write about though. So yes, I’m playing catch up now.

This heart-warming story of a giraffe who realized that even though it was tall and thin, couldn’t run as his knees would buckle let alone dance. Whenever a Jungle Dance is held every year, other animals would have a grand time but Gerald never enjoyed it cos he was really bad at it.

When it was his turn to dance, the other animals would laugh and mock at him leaving him very depressed and lonely. Then, as he sat by himself and looked up, he was amazed at the beauty of the moon. Meanwhile, watching Gerald all this while was a cricket who had words of comfort for Gerald and encouraged him to try again, in Gerald’s own way. With that Gerald grooved and moved in his own beautiful way till he was amazed at himself that he was dancing. This shocked the other animals which were taken aback when Gerald danced again.

This, to me is a little beautiful yet simple story. Little children like R may not understand the meaning behind the story but I believe school going children would. And it’s simple since all of us go through moments when we are not as good as others in whatever we do and at times we get laughed at. But, to stand up and try again is what is more important just like Gerald.

A beautiful story that I might just borrow the book again when my kids are bigger.


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