A date with my little guy

This date happened about two weeks back when my mum offered to babysit either kid. So I left baby with her and brought R out. It has been a long time since I went out with him alone and truly can’t remember the last time. It’s definitely a different challenge of bringing an active toddler out as opposed to a baby stuck to my hips. But with the right activities planned, I was quite certain he would enjoy himself and relish in the one on one attention.

I had intended to bring him to Polliwogs at Vivocity but after lunch I pushed the stroller towards Fox and he caught sight of the playground. So I thought alright, this could be a good alternative to Polliwogs. So we headed to the dry playground and when he saw the wet area of little fountains, he was stuck there for a good long while. So water play it was for at least half an hour. As long as he was happy, I was happy too.


Hoping he would be exhausted from the play, I put him back in the stroller so that he could nap. What caught his attention thereafter were the Hyundai cars that were on display at the main foyer. I literally smacked my forehead with my palm because he was saying “Car, car, car”. Out of the stroller he went and got closer to the cars till he was contented.


Thankfully he did nap and I managed to do some shopping. And just like that, another day went by. It seemed like we didn’t do many activities but the time spent together was wonderful. I hope we’d have more dates in future.


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