Library Finds #1: Betsy Goes to School by Helen Stephens

I’ve decided to start on a new series based on our library finds. Here where we live, we’re fortunate to have public libraries with a good range of books, magazines and audio visual materials. There are books of all topics and genres. I’m quite sure if you step in, you’d be able to find something for yourself. So, every week, I’ll do a little book review on a book that R enjoys or that has caught my interest.

It’s the start of the year, also the start of the new academic year. R started his playgroup too and although it’s a short two hours, I call it school. Upon a recommendation from a friend, she suggested reading some books about starting school to R. So I was glad when I came across this book in the library.

This book is about Betsy who was starting school for the first time and it actually describes the process of going to school where her mum bought her a new bag and she met lots of other boys and girls. She was afraid but met Lisa, who is presumably her teacher for the first time. Betsy carries a little stuffed Penguin which she brought around her school. Betsy met a new friend named Abbie and they played together in their make believe cafe. Eventually it was time to head home but Betsy was having a good time that she wanted to stay in school longer. In the end Betsy bade goodbye to her friend and asked to play dressing up with her new found friend.

It’s a very simple book that’s good for 2 year old kids with lots of clear and nice pictures. I’m so happy to have found a book like this that I could read to R. I borrowed it and it’ll book I’ll be a reading to him at least for another week.

Like the ending of the book where Betsy says – I like school! I hope R will enjoy school too!



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