Chicken Rice (my husband’s recipe)

I’m very lucky to have a husband who cooks and bakes pretty well. I don’t know many men who can do both quite well though so I count myself very fortunate.

Sometimes we are so bored of eating that we just have no idea what to cook or eat. And if we were to eat out, even though there are so many options, we still can’t decide. Yes, sounds like first world problems.

The past weekend I requested for chicken rice and listening to how hubby cooks this while in Japan meant that he was quite an expert in it. He was trying to recreate the famous hawker dish. So did he succeed?

I would think so. He used chicken breast which I’m not quite fond of. I prefer chicken thigh because it is juicer and not as dry. As for the vegetables, it’s was different from the usual green vegetable and oyster sauce that we get if we order a set meal. Here he cooked beansprouts with cabbage, shiitake mushrooms and carrots for some colour. Toss it in a pan with salt and black pepper and it was delicious.



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