Sea Creatures Crafts #4: Starfish

One fine morning when R was throwing multiple tantrums (oh terrible twos!), I quickly did an outline of a starfish on paper and I intended for him to do whatever he wanted with it. He could colour or paste stickers or cut out paper, it was free for him to choose.

At that moment I had some star stickers and I passed them to him. He sticked one or two before his attention got diverted to something else. So then on another day when he was bored, I took the incomplete starfish and threw some paper and glue hoping he’d paste them.

I realized I needed to keep working on his fine motor skills and his lack of attention and focus. I guess doing such crafts needs some patience especially since he wasn’t used to the idea. Nevertheless, I’ve put all of the crafts on the wall and I’m glad that he’s been able to identify these animals pretty well.

That’s also about it for our sea creatures theme. Now onto the next series of crafts.



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