Christmas 2014

Oops, I’ve been a little quiet here because things have gotten a little crazier on the home front. Not that it wasn’t already crazy but lots of thoughts about arrangements for the new year.

Anyway, I was looking forward to my family being back home for Christmas. It was nice to see them again after many months and before they fly off to their respective places. Family time is precious definitely. And with hubby not around during this festive season, all the more I was reminded how important family is to me.

Unfortunately though, the bigger kid wasn’t so well behaved. Perhaps it’s the terrible twos slowly setting in or the insecurities he felt, the melt downs were aplenty. Many times he was clinging onto me which was a nice feeling but when you can’t eat in peace, it was challenging. When I was busy with baby, he would cling onto my helper. Anyway, that’s that.

Now that Christmas is over, things are slowly settling back to normal. Soon, big boy will be off to playgroup.

Meanwhile, I hoped you had a good Christmas and wishing one and all a great 2015!


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