Some time ago I purchased vouchers from Photobook with the great intention of putting R’s first year pictures together. Somehow time flew and the validity of the vouchers expired. So typical of me.

As Christmas was fast approaching and I wasn’t doing much shopping, I thought long and hard about what to gift my kids grandparents. To be honest, they have plenty. I bet the gift to my in-laws last year is still in the box in pristine condition.

I was also receiving lots of emailers about Christmas ideas and Photobook was one of them. Great I thought. They had their 12 days of Christmas sale for a variety of stuff.

Anyway, I decided to purchase vouchers and design the book myself. It took an afternoon to complete, made a duplicate copy since each set of grandparents would get a book each and finally check it out.

Today, as I was wondering whether the books would arrive before Christmas, the DHL delivery man came knocking on my door. Ooh I was really excited. I ripped off the packaging, inspected the books and was mighty pleased with the quality.

Now I’m excited to gift them to the grannies and watch their expressions. At least I know for sure these books will be kept for years, something they can flip through for years to come.


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