Christmas wrappers

I’ve always been one of those shoppers during this festive season to collect wrappers from wherever I shop as opposed to getting it wrapped there and then. No doubt that gift wrapping service is convenient and quick, I prefer to wrap presents myself. It is probably in the wrapping that I feel more of the Christmas mood.

This year I didn’t really do much shopping. I’m a practical person and would very much prefer to gift something useful than useless. I’d refer useless things to those that sit on shelves and collect dust. So with almost no shopping done at the stores, it meant that I didn’t get free wrappers.

That’s ok. Cause my son and I made our own. What started out as just another art project turned into something that could be put to better use. I laid out a mahjong paper and squeezed out some paint and threw at him some shape sponges. Then, allowed him to create some mess until he was bored and I continued with it.

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