Exploring Singapore’s Farms: Hay Dairies

Last Saturday, together with my in-laws, the kids and I went farm hopping. In this post I’ll just focus on the goat farm.

We arrived at the farm about half past 9 in the morning which was perfect to view the goats being milked. The goats are milked daily between 9 to 11am.

That’s R watching the goats being milked. I must say I was rather impressed by how organized the goats were. At any one time, a batch of 12 goats were being milked. They would walk to the milking area in a single file and take their places there after. Once done, they would wait for the gate to open and walk back to their pen. I guess they were used to the routine since it’s something they would have to do daily.

Then we took a short walk around the farm where we could view the goats and their young. Petting and feeding the animals were prohibited.


Finally we reached a little counter that sold the milk. We bought a small bottle of chocolate milk for R to taste. He drank it but wasn’t going to finish it so mama drank it. Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk is certainly less thick. I believe that there aren’t any preservatives or sugar added so it wasn’t very sweet.


In the end, we bought 4 large bottles for consumption at home. They were packed in large styrofoam boxes with ice cubes included so it was kept cold even after being out for half a day.

I also liked how there’s information about storage on the bottles. All in all, the farm wasn’t really huge. It’s mostly sheltered with benches to enjoy the milk. It’s a good place for kids to get close enough to the goats but not too close.

Hay Dairies Pte Ltd
No. 3 Lim Chu Kang, Agrotech Park Lane 4, Singapore 718859


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