Playing with paper and glue

R, my first born, stayed at home for almost the first year of his life. Subsquently, as I wanted to return back to the work force, we enrolled him in infant care. Well, as time passed and with the husband’s work arrangements changing, we pulled him out of the centre. Ever since, my mother in-law comes by to help care for him while we are out at work.

Now that I’m on maternity leave and would be home for awhile more, I thought that I had better make his time at home a more productive one. He still gets his play but screen time has been greatly reduced. With that, it meant that I had to find things to keep him occupied. At times he would be bored but its perfectly fine to me because he would have to be more creative and imaginative to find ways to keep himself entertained especially when the adults are occupied.

I started with very simple and random ideas like playing with paper and glue. I cut out some random shapes with my scissors and got him to use the glue to paste them onto the A3 construction paper. He didn’t take to it too well really, because he didn’t know how and what he had to do.



Needless to say, he did need some help to squeeze the glue on to the pieces of paper and pasting them onto the construction paper. This activity was done a few weeks back but today, I tried the same activity and he seemed to have a better idea of what the glue is for and how to paste. Unfortunately, I need to work on his attention span because not long after, he was back at playing with his toys.

Nevertheless, it’s yay to more craft work.


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